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Welcome to Furever Dachshund Rescue!
165 Deer Path Stonyford, RI 95979
Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship - What Does It Mean?

FDR takes in as many dachshunds as possible. This means that many of them will need veterinary care and will have health and behavioral issues such as needing all of their vaccines, having severe allergies or serious illnesses, needed expensive heartworm treatment or back surgery, needing tumors removed or other life saving procedures done. The list goes on.

Sponsorship is a way for families who would like to help but can not foster to still make a difference in a specific dachshund's life. Below we have listed some pricing for some of the most common situations we encounter. If you would like to sponsor in some other way, please email us at

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Sponsorship Options
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Heartworm Medication
Covers a year supply of heartworm preventative medication for one doxie.
Amount: $72.00





Radar - Back TanFull Veterinary Care
Includes all Basic Veterinary Care for One Needy Dachshund
(Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, Microchip, Teeth Cleaning, etc.)
Amount: $380




Heartworm Treatment

Heartworms are deadly if not treated. Each day allows them to grow stronger and take over a small doxie heart. This treatment can save their life if given in time.
Amount: $600.00



Dachshund Cart

Sadly, not all dachshunds are candidates for back surgery and need to learn to live life only being able to use their front legs. Dachshunds are resilient and are up to the challenge and a cart is the key to allowing them to live a normal life again.
Amount $500





Back Surgery

Because of a dachshund's long back, they are more susceptible to Intervertabral Disc Disease. No matter the age, dachshunds can be at risk of a ruptured disk in their vertabrae that will cause paralysis. In many cases an expensive open back surgery can maintain their quality of life and even heal them completely. Sponsoring a dachshund's back surgery will give them a second chance to enjoy life the way it should be!
Amount: $3,500.00



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