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FDR in the Anipal Times -- Wednesday August 8th, 2012

Furever Dachshund Rescue (FDR) is a non-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is housed in Woonsocket, RI, USA, and is comprised of volunteers located throughout the USA and Canada. Founded in March 2011, FDR was started by a small group of experienced animal rescuers that, according to their founders, ”had big ideas and big dreams” to help rescue Dachshunds in need of forever homes. The FDR founders, consisting of Laura Coulombe, DeeAnn Jones, Liz Mitchell and Jessica Wall, saw all of their, as well as their volunteer’s, enthusiasm catch on and FDR has quickly grown. Like with all volunteer-based charities, the FDR can always use more help. FDR has no plans of slowing down as there are a lot of little “wiener” doggies in need of help. In order to learn more about this 100 percent volunteer-based group and all of the fabulous work that they do, I visited with my friend Angela Craig, who serves as FDR’s Social Network Coordinator. About FDR and Dachshunds Angela greeted me warmly and jumped right in, “FDR’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, neglected and stray Dachshunds. We place them into volunteer foster homes and give them veterinary care, love them and screen potential adopters for the perfect, loving home!” It’s important to not just rescue animals but to provide them with safe surroundings, proper health care, and it’s crucial that future adopters are accurately reviewed to ensure a perfect fit for both the adoptee and adopter alike. It sounds like FDR gets this right, and they do it all with a good sense of humor and care and compassion for animals and humans alike.”Yes, Mattie, we do,” said Angela, “we work towards educating people to succeed as canine owners and help them provide a loving, nurturing home for these wonderful furbabies. We supply them with additional education regarding breed-specific traits and medical issues.” held with care There are various issues associated with certain breeds. I am a Shih Tzu, and we have a propensity toward renal and eye issues; Dachshunds gravitate toward more length-based concerns. FDR works to educate people, letting them know that Dachshunds can have problems with their backs that could potentially result in paralysis; “this is known as Intervertebral Disc Disease, or IVDD,” offered Angela. It’s very important to keep Dachshunds trim through a good nutritious diet, try to keep their environment back friendly–limit jumping, interview to find breed-knowledgeable veterinarians in your area, and harnesses tend to be excellent for walking your little Dachshund about. “There’s a great resource to learn more about IVDD; it’s called Dodger’s List,” said Angela. Make sure you visit Dodgers List to learn more about this important topic. “Another of our goals is to teach awareness of pet overpopulation,” said Angela, “and the importance of spaying and neutering and vaccinations.” She continued, “Bad breeding techniques can also be prevalent in Dachshunds. I spoke about this with Anipal Times back in 2011; you can let your readers know that they should review the Double Dapples article. It has a lot of important insight and highlights quite possibly the worst example of bad breeding in Dachshunds which can cause deafness and blindness.” Make sure to revisit the Double Dapple article; it is very educating. “Also, we also work towards educating about euthanasia, puppy mills and the consequences of purchasing as opposed to adopting animals from a rescue or shelter.” The Programs Loving seniors The FDR has a lot of great programs and outreach activities that have helped hundreds of Dachshund dogs and their owners, or would-be owners. Their Seniors Loving Seniors Program is geared for the more experienced pet owners, age 60 and older, to be matched with a loving senior animal to adopt. Seniors make great family additions, as they tend to be more mellow and get along well with family members— human and animal alike. Senior animals may outlive their owner, or their usefulness, and so FDR works to match these types of animals with older humans — the love and bond they give, receive and share is simply beautiful. Their Furever Friends Program was started because FDR wanted to help other dogs that they come across when they are pulling Dachshunds from shelters. “Mattie, sometimes it is too difficult to see a dog that needs help and to just walk away because it’s not a Dachshund,” said Angela, “so we rescue them and find homes for many other breeds as well.” Their Volunteer Transport Program is comprised of dog-loving people who selflessly crisscross the USA and Canada to help rescue and transport four-legged passengers — it doesn’t have to be a team, just if you have extra room in your car and would like a little fuzzy companion for a while. “That’s right Mattie,” said Angela, ”every bit of help in the transport program makes a difference, it allows Dachshunds to meet their forever families in situations that usually would not be possible due to distance.” FDR also has a virtual sponsorship program where, if you can’t foster or adopt a little Dachshund, you can contribute financially to their care and re-homing costs. “Oh, and shopping, Mattie,” chimed in Angela, “don’t forget our shopping, people love to shop!” Thank you FDR volunteers Angela let me know that they have helped a plethora of animals, mainly Dachshunds, due to their fabulous volunteers. “We value all of our team members and so appreciate them! Our volunteers give their time and effort to promote teamwork and camaraderie. As a non-paid volunteer group, we know time is valuable and appreciate others who have big hearts and want to help the canines in need!” Furever Dachshund Rescue is a great group of volunteers who are working collaboratively to rescue, foster and place little fuzzy animals — what’s not to love about this great group? If you’d like to learn more about Furever Dachshund Rescue please visit their website, Like them on Facebook and tweet them on Twitter at @4EverDoxiRescue and check out their beautiful and fun YouTube videos— Dachshunds wiggle a lot! Make sure you thank them for all their hard work and commitment to helping animals—on behalf of The Anipal Times, we love you, Furever Dachshund Rescue.

1st Pawtie: #TrooperBash -- Saturday May 14th, 2011

FDR is throwing its very first Pawtie to benefit Trooper and other dachshunds we have rescued this month with extreme medical needs. Trooper was hit by a car and needs $5,000+ for surgery. Mark this on your calendar and plan to attend. Its going to be a blast! "#Pawties and Events 10 May 2011 written by MattieDogXMattieDog Quick Bio: A friendly little male shihtzu living a pretty great life! Likes: running, playing, snuggling, eating & sleeping. Dislikes: empty dog bowl. I'm an @anipaltimes writer and band member of @ShibberingC Woof at ya! Twitter ID:@mattiedog Website: Articles by this writer (90) in the Social Events section of The Anipal Times #Pawties and Events are where anipals and humans get together for a Twitterin’ good time. In their tweets they use an introductory hashtag (#) so everyone who wants to join in the fun can easily find them by searching Twitter for #(fill in the blank) pawty or #(event name). #Pawties and Events is where you will find out about the #Pawties taking place on Twitter and where I point you to the official The Anipal Times #Pawty & Events Calendar. Remember to check out the calendar so that you can find the dates and times to mix and mingle with anipals. Now let’s read about some of the #pawties and events that happened by the deadline for this article: #KeepFits *Puts paw to ear* It’s quiet out there anipals. So, this week we’ll select one of the regularly weekly events to showcase. Put your paws together for #KeepFits(@KeepFits) and their dedicated host, @HenryandFriends! Every Thursday, 9PM GMT, Henry (Steiff Bear), using Twitter, leads anipals (and even some humans) in group exercises. Everyone who joins in #KeepFits enjoys the camaraderie of having friends to work out with, and benefits from doing stretches and movements (both real and virtual) while they follow Henry’s joy-filled lead. In Henry’s own words, “we always start wiv jentul strechis so we can warm up ower mussuls an then arfta we av dun that evrrywun can choos wot they wil do nekt. iver gow swimmin or yews jim eekwipmunt or joyn in wiv th air rowbiks clarss wot i giv. th mewsik wot i yews dus mayk shor we av reely gud werk owt.” Thank you @HenryandFriends for your dedication to #KeepFits and for helping us all live happy, healthy lives! Upcoming #Pawties and Events Remember to see the #Pawty and Events calendar to get more info on some other wonderful events. Get ready for #DogTalk, #PetChat, #KeepFits, #NipClub, and #CookinWifRabbits. Tune in to these entertaining and highly informative weekly shows where you can say “Hi” to old friends and hopefully make new friends, too. Put These #Pawty Dates in Your Calendar #TrooperBash #TrooperBash On Saturday-Sunday, 14-15 May 2011. Join @BloodhoundNDots as they host a Twitter #pawty to raise funds for Furever Dachshund Rescue (@4EverDoxiRescue). Furever Dachshund Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes abandoned, neglected and stray dachshunds. #TrooperBash will be a #pawty full of fun with a mission to help Trooper (read about Trooper here).

Featured: HW Prevention -- Tuesday May 10th, 2011 FDR's May Edition of The UnderCover Examiner Was featured here! Thank you for spreading the word about our Educational Topic of the month: Heartworm Prevention and Awareness. "We know that regular oil changes and tune-ups will help keep our vehicles running in tip-top condition. The same holds true for our pets, and there’s no better time than now to protect your pet from these three pests. Heartworms were first documented on the southeastern US coast over 150 years ago, and can now be found in all 50 states infecting both cats and dogs. ....." Click below to read our full newsletter!

FDR Opening Press Release -- Tuesday March 1st, 2011

Furever Dachshund Rescue Contact: Liz Mitchell Email: North Smithfield, RI – March 1, 2011 – Furever Dachshund Rescue (FDR) is excited to announce the official launch of their new non-profit organization. FDR is made up of a network of volunteers throughout the United States working together toward a common goal of rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing abandoned, neglected and stray dachshunds. FDR’s mission is to teach awareness of pet overpopulation, importance of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, euthanasia, puppy mills and the consequences of purchases as opposed to adopting from a rescue or shelter. Laura Coulombe, FDR Chair, commented, “We are so excited about this group of dedicated individuals coming together to help dachshunds in need. Everyone brings different knowledge and experience to the group, but we all share one thing in common – we all love dachshunds and want to find each one the loving, happy home that they deserve.” FDR is launching a unique program called “Senior Loving Seniors” where they match a senior dachshund with a senior owner. FDR will be holding educational webinars regarding breed-specific traits, medical issues, fostering, etc. These webinars will help educate individuals and families to become better dachshund owners. FDR is looking for volunteers to help build their organization. As a volunteer group, they understand that time is valuable and they have a huge appreciation for those who have big hearts and want to help dachshunds in need. If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or donating, please visit their website at or email them at for more information. Furever Dachshund Rescue(FDR) is a non-profit organization to act in the best interest of all dachshunds including, but not limited to, the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned, neglected and stray dachshunds. We will actively educate people to succeed as dachshund owners and encourage awareness of overpopulation, euthanasia, puppy mills, and the consequences of purchasing as opposed to adopting from a rescue or shelter. We will respect others in the rescue community and learn from those who care for rescue animals while having patience and understanding for people who can no longer care for their dogs.
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