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Welcome to Furever Dachshund Rescue!
165 Deer Path Stonyford, RI 95979



We are dedicated to not only rescuing the unwanted doggies out there but to also gathering information beneficial not only to the dogs themselves but the humans that care for them.


The 'C' word is scary but that doesn't mean defeat. When you know more about something it helps to manage it a little better. We want to constantly educate everyone so that more lives can be saved and more dogs live healthy successful and lengthy lives!


We are excited to provide the following resource website for you to gain a better understanding of the illness and to know that you are not alone. Researchers are working abroad and in the States to find adequate treatments and cures!


You can also access the research website on and

If you are looking for specific information or have questions please contact Lisa at Research is constantly being sought to aid in awareness and timely treatments for this disease. Currently research is being gathered from Breen Lab in North Carolina. If you have any research available or personal experience with this illness please let us and/or Lisa know so it can be helpful for others.

Breen Lab at the North Carolina State University of Veterinary Medicine is conducting research into the genetics of Dachshunds that have haemangiosarcoma.  They are in desperate need of tissue and blood samples from dogs that have been affected by this disease.


For more information about haemangiosarcoma click on the cute lil doxie face.



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